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18.74x in 6 months.
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Lone Design Club

“It’s been great working with you”.
Kathryn Olivia, Head of Digital & Marketing

8.38x ROAS + £37,710 in 47 days
Bulfinch Coffee
+506% growth in 3 months

"Having consistent recurring revenue from both our consumer and business subscriptions is ideal"
Billy, Founder & CEO

Bottled Baking Co
+£201k in revenue in 6 months

Kind overhauled the entire marketing function and achieved triple digit growth.

Used & Loved
£137k overfunded Seedrs campaign

"We're so pleased we overfunded our crowdfunding campaign!"
Jess, Co-founder & CEO

Pinks Boutique

"On every level we really appreciate everything you have done for us."
Luke Sherriff, Co-founder

Scaled to over £50k/month
Zero to Global

#1 Amazon bestseller
Top 10 Most Innovative Businesses 2014
Top 100 Start-Ups 2015 & 2016
Top 15 Startup in IKEA Bootcamp 2019


Founder community


Average Growth Rate


Events and workshops



Experience the best alternative to traditional MBAs and accelerators. An online and self-paced program that gives you the tools and knowledge to succeed.

Immerse yourself and your team in our growth programme, where lessons, workshops, and mentorship combine to elevate your brand, elevate your products, and elevate your community.

Structured Learning

Training and mentorship that covers every aspect of business. Strategy, Product, Marketing, Sales, Talent, Operations, and Finance. We also develop you personally and spiritually.


Like-minded leaders meet in self-directed, private sessions. Discuss and overcome shared business and leadership challenges and build a trusted "inner circle" of fellow leaders that they can rely on for years to come.

Live Sessions & Growth AI

Weekly live Q&A calls with Caner and mentors plus a groundbreaking AI-powered platform revolutionising your growth journey.

Made by successful entrepreneurs

Our mentors have walked your path and will be by your side each step of the way.

High ROI toolkits and templates.

We put everything you need to scale your business at your fingertips.

Available anywhere

Our programme is virtual and able to be accessed anywhere and on any device.

Real-World Insights

We teach you everything in detail, no generic information, all from our actual hands-on experience and what we've done scaling multiple profitable companies.

To grow your business you need to grow yourself.
Product & Service design
Branding & Storytelling
Offers & Lead Magnets
eCommerce Fundementals
Optimising the profitability of your website.
Impact measurement
Supply chain efficiency
Automations & AI
Advertising & PR
How to acquire customers at scale.
Content, Social Media & UGC
Email & SMS Marketing
Sales & Negotiation
Understanding the psychology of sales and how to overcome objections.
Culture Development
Attract and retain top talent.
Investor relations & Pitch practice
Pitch Decks, Valuations & S/EIS
Alternative funding
The Purposeful Profits Mindset
Building Successful Habits
Kind Leadership
Value Proposition
Refining your offer so that it's highly desirable to customers (and investors).
Homepage & Funnel design
Customer experience
Conversion Rate Optimisation
Systems and processes that streamline purposeful growth.
Paid Ads
OOH & Press
Digital Marketing
Leveraging the latest methods to attract customers.
Win Win & Win Lose
Customer Experience
Never lose a customer again.
Talent Attraction
Culture building
Understanding the fundraising process and the key components of a successful pitch

What others say about us

Nicole & Dany

“A large part of our MBA covered marketing but we learnt so much more from Caner and his team! They really know what they are doing.”


"They brought me a lot of structure and guidance in terms of what to do for marketing. The way that they connect like-minded people across industries is great as well!"

Loud Law

"An insider look - so valuable. These sessions are so valuable, Caner knows his stuff! It's not often you get to see the inside workings of successful strategies, but this lets you do just that. Have a notebook ready, you'll be taking plenty of notes no doubt! Highly recommend."

Alpaca Coffee

"The team were thorough in their communication, deliberate in their promises and swift in their execution. I am sincerely grateful for their help."

Sweet Cakey Thing
Kirstie & Luke

"On every level we really appreciate all you are doing for us, more than I am able to put into words”.

Proverb Skin

Be part of a better future by joining our carefully designed growth programme.

Designed to help you fast-track growth and scale profits while building a healthier and more sustainable future.
The programme teaches you how to enhance your brand, improve products, and how to build a larger community of customers.
We believe that the right conditions, tools and behaviours can bring out the best in you, and we are proud to be part of your journey toward creating a better world.

First 12 Weeks

Our first three months focus on building the growth systems across three key areas: Content, Commerce, and Community. It's a packed 12 weeks where you'll be learning from top business experts. We'll have growth challenges, special classes, and personal sessions. By the end, you'll have everything you need to run a successful business that makes a difference.

Weeks 1 - 12

Demo Day

During week 12 you'll get to stand in front of a big crowd and wow them by talking about the impact you're making.

It's a chance to bring together and present to people who will support your mission and celebrate what you've already done.
The best part? Everyone there is rooting for you.

Week 12

Final 12 Weeks

In the next three months, you'll be optimising, using what you've learned. We'll have weekly check-ins to make sure you're on track. With guidance from your personal mentor team, you'll end up with a solid plan for growing your business. Plus, we'll introduce you to investors and corporates who are eager to find exciting solutions like yours.

Week 13 -24

Meet Your Mentors

Real-world experts that will guide you every step of the way


Caner Veli

Carbon Literacy

Liana Fricker

investment & performance

Natalya Wallin


How long does the Purposeful Profits Programme last?

Our programme is structured as a 12-week cohort, designed to provide participants with in-depth insights, mentorship, and growth opportunities by being held accountable by your peers. However, it's essential to note a couple of unique aspects of our approach:
Commitment to Excellence: The initial 'build phase' is 12 weeks, but graduation isn't guaranteed for everyone at the end of this period. We maintain rigorous standards to ensure the quality and success of our participants.
Extended Access for another 12-weeks: Understanding that everyone's journey and pace of learning can be different, we offer all participants extended access to the programme. So, even if you don't graduate in the initial 12-week cycle, you can continue to engage with the content, refine your skills, and make the most of the resources available.

In essence, while the core curriculum is delivered over 12 weeks, participants have the support to access the programme for up to 6 months, ensuring they derive maximum value and achieve their goals.

What types of support can I expect to receive as part of the programme?

As part of the programme, you can expect a comprehensive support system to guide you at every step:
Step-by-Step Lessons: Our programme is structured with detailed lessons that guide you through each topic of business growth methodically. These lessons are designed to be easy to follow, ensuring you grasp every concept thoroughly.
Hands-on Support: We're excited to be collaborating with leading universities to bring on board digital marketing interns. These talented individuals will be instrumental in helping you implement our programme sessions and enhancing your content creation efforts. This collaboration is a testament to our commitment to providing the highest quality of education and support to our purpose-driven entrepreneurs but also the next generation of leaders.
Mentorship: You'll have access to experienced mentors who can provide insights, answer questions, and offer guidance based on their expertise and experience.
Peer Support: Engage with fellow participants, share experiences, ask questions, and collaborate on projects. Learning from peers often provides diverse perspectives and solutions.
Resources & Tools: We provide a variety of resources, from reading materials to tools, that can assist you in your learning journey.
Feedback Sessions: Regular feedback sessions will help you understand where you stand, what you're doing well, and areas you might need to focus on.

In essence, our programme is designed to offer a holistic support system, ensuring you're well-equipped and confident as you progress through the course.

What are the ideal types of businesses for the programme?

The Purposeful Profits Programme is designed for forward-thinking entrepreneurs who are committed to building businesses that are not only profitable but also contribute positively to society and the environment. The ideal candidates for our programme include:

Sustainable, Ethical and Wellness Ventures: This includes businesses focused on eco-friendly eCommerce, wellness, ethical fashion, and consumer goods with a sustainable edge. Ideal for entrepreneurs who are revolutionising retail with ethical production practices, sustainable materials, and products that give back to the community and environment.
Innovators in Green Technology and Circular Economy: Startups at the forefront of green tech and circular economy models, including clean energy solutions, waste reduction technologies, and initiatives promoting the reuse and recycling of resources. Perfect for those pioneering nature based solutions, sustainable agriculture, renewable energy, and circular business practices.
Social Enterprises and Community-Focused Initiatives: Ventures dedicated to social impact, health, and wellness, and community development. This category is for businesses addressing social issues, enhancing community well-being, and promoting local sustainability, from wellness apps to urban farming and community-based projects.

Can I participate if my business is not primarily focused on sustainability?

While our programme is primarily focused on supporting sustainable startups, we also welcome founders who are seeking to integrate sustainability into their existing business models. We believe that every business has the potential to make a positive impact, and our program will guide you in incorporating sustainable practices and strategies into your operations.

What is the application process?

The application process involves filling out an online application form where we gather information about your business, your goals, and your commitment to sustainability. Our team will carefully review each application and select participants based on their alignment with our mission and potential for growth. Successful applicants will be notified and provided with further details on the next steps to join the programme.

What sort of investment is involved?

Our investment is £50,000 worth of business support. For our Q2 24 cohort, your investment is set at £3,000+vat (payment plan available), along with an equity contribution of up to 5%, depending on your pre-money valuation. This investment ensures you receive comprehensive support, including masterclasses, one-on-one coaching, and access to our extensive network of mentors and resources. These fees are structured to make the programme accessible while ensuring the highest quality of guidance and support for your sustainable business journey.

You will also need to budget around £250 per month for software costs including Shopify, Klaviyo and other digital marketing software to run your growth machine.

Multi-channel growth

Learn how to leverage every platform and channel to drive exponential growth.

Are you ready to make iconic impact?

Join Purposeful Profits to unlock unparalleled growth and visibility for your impact business with our comprehensive support, including expert mentorship and exclusive community access, propelling you towards remarkable success and potential funding opportunities.